e.SCENT.ials by Mackie's*, the entrepreneurial skills training program at Mackie's Place, provides youth with hands-on business experience. From product development to administrative tasks, youth have the opportunity to get involved in every aspect of the business. Together, these young entrepreneurs create and curate an amazing selection of products available for purchase.

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*e.SCENT.ials is a for-profit business and agent of Mackie's Place Youth Social House. All net sale proceeds of goods sold by e.SCENT.ials are used to further the charitable purposes of Mackie's Place.



MACKIE BOXES are the latest addition to our lineup of merchandise available for purchase!

Filled with beautiful products handmade or curated by our e.SCENT.ials team, MACKIE BOXES make the perfect gift for clients, teachers, employees, housewarming... The list goes on!

We also offer corporate MACKIE BOX accounts; perfect for businesses who frequently buy client or employee gifts. Corporate accounts are ideal for realtors, developers, builders, and other professionals.

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Daniel's Story

I was sceptical when I first went to Mackie’s. The world works on a strict schedule but Mackie’s Place had the heart. As I spent time there and started working, it felt like a well-oiled machine with a mix of crazy personalities that worked beautifully. When I first came, I was the most unorganized person in the world and I didn’t care! I've learned how easy it is to simplify and build systems at Mackie’s and now I do that in my own life. I’ve expanded my knowledge and interest in business through the e.SCENT.ials entrepreneurial program. The opportunities I’ve been given at Mackie’s to perform my music at events and to try new roles in my work here have both really grown my confidence. I want to give back. I want to inspire, motivate, and support others. I’ve never been somewhere I could express myself or flourish like this. 

That’s why this is my second home!