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“The great threat confronting young people growing up in communities like [Surrey] is called the Nihilistic threat. [This threat can be defined as] the lived experience of a life of horrifying lovelessness, meaninglessness, and hopelessness… A life without love and a life without meaning and a life without hope leads to a numbing detachment from oneself and others that ultimately leads to the destruction of oneself.”  

Bruce Main, founder of Urban Promise 

                                                          is made to be a movement which mitigates the Nihilistic threat in our community.


“Research finds that the presence of one or more caring, committed adults in a child’s life increases the likelihood that children and youth flourish, and become productive adults themselves.”

American Journal of Public Health

  Other positive outcomes include:

Higher Chance of Completing

High School

Reduced risk of Gang Membership 




Life Satisfaction

Greater Physical Activity Level


Mackie’s Place is so much more than an afterschool program. We believe that youth have immense potential which, often, is untapped. That’s where we step in. We encourage youth to DREAM BIG and we strive to help them realize those dreams! We believe that community changes everything. Central to our mission at Mackie’s Place is building healthy, supportive relationships that offer young people the ability to see beyond their own perspectives and experiences which, in the demographic of young people we work with, often include a cycle of poverty, trauma, and addictions. 

Whether we recognize it or not, we all need a supportive community around us in order to thrive. Sometimes all it takes is one person recognizing your potential to inspire a new path and vision for your life. Mackie’s Place creates that support system. In the hub, we have created a community that acts as an extended family, encouraging one another and contributing to the hub’s daily needs. Staff and volunteers serve as passionate leaders, listeners, and encouragers. Whether a youth needs assistance with schoolwork, writing a resume, or getting their driver’s license, one of our staff or volunteers is there to help!

Beyond building a supportive community, Mackie’s Place seeks to provide youth with valuable employment skills that will benefit them outside the hub. Every youth that walks through our doors has the opportunity to join one of our Job Skills programs and earn incentives for their work! In exchange for their participation and effort, youth are able to receive bus passes or gift cards. Youth who show initiative, growth and commitment may be offered the opportunity to become employed as one of our youth employees. These Job Skills programs provide valuable work experience, build confidence, self- worth and their resumes, and are a great stepping stone to employment outside of the hub.

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