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Hope Is Freedom An income A Second Chance Belonging

Sometimes all it takes is one person recognizing your potential to inspire a new path and vision for your life. We create that support system. Our community acts as an extended family. Staff and volunteers serve as passionate leaders, listeners and encouragers. When a young person needs help with schoolwork, writing a resume or getting their driver’s license, we’re there.

The Mackie’s Place Story

Our Vision

To be a movement motivated by radical love where youth at risk have the opportunity to become healthy people with connected families in hope-filled communities.

Bridge diverse communities

Break down barriers

Broaden perspectives

Build opportunities

Find belonging

Bridge diverse communities

Break down barriers

Broaden perspectives

Build opportunities

Find belonging

Our pillars


We seek to provide youth with life skills and encouraging relationships so that they can flourish.

Community Engagement

We involve and educate individuals in our community to build lasting mentorship relationships with youth at risk.


We believe that an effective program is built on confident and committed leadership.


We bring people together to share a homemade meal and support one another.

“There is something fundamental about sharing a meal. It’s more than food. It’s people coming together in the most basic human experience, to share a space where divisions can drop away, and the light of our common humanity can shine through.”

Bruce Reith, DIRECTOR OF Hope Mission



Bobbi-Rhea Mackie

Executive Director

Appropriately nicknamed “Hummingbird,” Bobbi-Rhea is a go-getter. You will find her smiling when she’s cooking in her kitchen, feasting with family and friends, hosting a gathering for someone she loves, or reaching out to support children and families.

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Favian Kleine

Director of Care

In every circumstance, Favian is both bold and compassionate. She exudes an exceptional love for her people, her church, and her city.

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Sylvia Shury

director of philanthropy

Sylvia is one of the three founding members of Mackie’s Place – often referred to as the Three Musketeers. Sylvia has been a member of the Mackie’s Place board since inception and Bobbi-Rhea’s partner in fundraising.

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Gemma Stobbe

Operations Manager

Gabriella Shury

Project Manager

Raisa Monteiro Wilson

Site Manager

Jaana Wiebe

executive administrator

Emma Bleasdale

culinary operations manager

Michelle Jager

volunteer & project coordinator

Amanda Budd

head Baker

Adrienne Alkema


Amy Brandscombe


Meranda Verhnjak


Lavinia Wong

Youth Worker

Marco Canlas

Youth Worker

Vanessa Wiebe

Youth Worker

Jenessa Canlas

Youth Worker

Sharaya Holder

Youth Worker

Chris Boyko

youth worker

Board of Directors

Donald Konrad

retired, Chartered Professional Accountant

Favian Kleine

Co-Founder & Director of Care, Mackie’s Place

Kimberly Franklin – Board Chair

Former Dean of Education, Trinity Western University (Retired)

Linda Peters – Board Secretary

Retired, Long-Time Volunteer at Mackie’s Place

Peter Schouten

Director, AGI Investments

Robin Johnson Yee

Former Director of Real Estate Marketing, Century Group (Retired)

Ryan Delblanc

Chaplain, Regent Christian Academy

And so many volunteers that we couldn’t do without!

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