Donate $200 a month, Get a monthly pie on your doorstep.


Step One

Set up a monthly donation of $200 or more.

Step Two

Select your seasonal pie flavour (they’re all delicious).

Step Three

We deliver the pie to your door. Easy, right?

Yes, You Get a
Tax Receipt!

Please note that due to CRA regulations the value of the pie ($40) will be deducted from your monthly receipt.

More questions?

How can this pie cost $200?

Well, there’s a lot in each pie. Hope for a brighter future, real world job skills, support for at-risk youth in your community… our recipe benefits everyone.

Do you make the pies?
Is there a minimum time commitment?
How will deliveries work?
Do I have a choice in pie flavour?
Can I donate more than $200 monthly?

the pie club is perfect for your business!

For $250 per month, your business will always have the perfect client or staff gift ready to go! Added benefits of the Corporate Pie Club include:

Mackie’s pie club
  • $200 per month
  • One fresh-baked (or frozen, to be baked at your convenience) seasonal pie delivered to your home monthly
  • One free monthly delivery (delivery date dependent on your location) 
  • Choice of seasonal pie flavour
  • The exclusive ability to add up to 2 additional pies to your monthly order at $40
  • Receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation
  • Minimum 6 month commitment
the corporate pie club
  • $250 per month
  • Twelve fresh-baked (or frozen) seasonal pies per year; delivered monthly, in batches, or all at once
  • Up to two flexible, free deliveries per month (excluding weekends & holidays)
  • Choice of seasonal pie flavour
  • The exclusive ability to order unlimited additional pies at $40
  • Receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation
  • Minimum 12 month commitment

What makes being a ‘Mackie’s Place Pie Club’ member so special is that, every month, you help the youth who create your pies learn valuable culinary skills to be used in professional settings and at home… and you get to choose to make a difference in someone’s life by having a delicious fresh-baked seasonal pie delivered to your door or to a lucky recipient of your choosing!

Brian & Julie Williams,
Pie Club Members & Founders of Ashton Mechanical

Already a member?

Select your monthly pie flavour.

Why Pie?

Pie feels like home, the same feeling that we want every young person to have as they walk through the doors of Mackie’s Place. Our Pie Club helps us build financial sustainability into our organization, and it gives us a delicious way to thank our donors.