Ronnie's Story

Ronnie is one of the brave ones. She came with her counsellor, without a friend, not knowing what to expect; she had faced some incredibly challenging circumstances and wanted a fresh start.


"I came to Mackie’s with my counsellor and was nervous at first. I’ve been through a lot. I started to work for Finfolk (a Vancouver restaurant) through Mackie’s. This is how I met Christine, she was one of the volunteers who drove us downtown every week. We went every Thursday for a shift and made pizzas, did prep, served, and learned so much about working in a restaurant from the owners. They hired me for weekend shifts outside of Mackie’s. 


I later became a Barista at Mackie's Place. I’ve been coming for a year and a half and it's helped me by giving me these opportunities. I'm proud of the things I’m doing now; I started a legging business where I sell leggings online, I work part time doing marketing at a car dealership, and I’m attending school, a music program, and growing every day.


I want to thank Mackie’s Place for making a place where youth have people in their lives who will be there for them and be a support. For me, that was Christine. She is like a big sister to me and an amazing role model. A trusted, safe person. She’s genuine and cares. When I have been struggling, depressed, and felt like I had no one to call who would be good for me, I reach out to Christine.


I've brought my sister to Mackie’s now and I am hopeful that Mackie’s will do the same thing for her that it did for me."


Why do you support Mackie's Place?



Founders, Ashton Service Group

"Bobbie Mackie, Sylvia Shury, and their amazing team at Mackie's Place have not only built a supportive, caring community that acts as an extended family for youth but they have created an environment that encourages young people to 'DREAM BIG' and believe in themselves. The youth at Mackie's Place are provided with an opportunity to learn valuable employment skills that build their self-confidence and are a great stepping stone to employment opportunities. A program like no other that my wife Julie and I at Ashton Service Group are proud to support" 


Former Dean of Education, Trinity Western University

"As a former teacher and teacher educator, I am very aware of how difficult and necessary it is to support young people beyond school. I believe Mackie’s Place beautifully bridges the crucial gap between home and school, and brings together educational and social work understandings to do what is most important for vulnerable young people – provide hope! Their emphasis on supporting and equipping young people within a caring, creative, challenging and mentoring context is making a significant difference in the lives of many young people."



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